Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Fashion chic on a Tight Budget

Sometimes all you require to make a plain dress into a graceful fashion statement is to accessorize it with a stunning piece of jewelry. Even adding an inexpensive bit of shine to the neckline of a dress transforms it into an eye catching outfit. So, pull out that simple little black dress and make it ideal for your holiday or individual celebration party with stunning jewelry.

Another trick when you want a handbag worthy of taking to the party, but require it to carry more than a clutch can handle, try a small tote bag made in a comfortable, but washable fabric. Those sparkling styles that come in metallic colors are often elegant and go with everything from essential black to the classic reds and greens of the holiday colors.

When the event calls for a more eye-catching bag, go for a beaded look. You can even save on the cost of a ready-made beaded bag when you purchase an inexpensive solid color clutch bag. Make sure it is in fabric or leather, and then carefully glue a collection of beads or rhinestones on it.

The beads and rhinestones can be found at any fabric outlet, or a common bead store. Or, if you are handy with a needle, there are plenty of beaded appliques already made that can either be gently sewn on or glued to the bag. And, as I think of it, a ready-made, beaded applique can also be sewn, not glued, for easy taking away, to the shoulder of your little black dress. Makes for quite an elegant and unique touch!

Pulling together another stylish outfit that works beautifully for a holiday look is to dress up a pair of black pants by combination them with a colorful satin or glossy silk blouse. Adding a sparkly necklace or a jeweled belt at the waist makes a look that is totally gorgeous. This look can serve you well into the New Year and after for any special event.

For a more exciting look, try a long, full length classy hip hugging skirt, and pair it with a beaded top, or a lacy camisole, or a sleeveless satin blouse and a long chiffon scarf wrap. Wear either look
with or without sparkling jewelry, or with just a wide gold or silver bracelet.

Now more than yet, the economy is calling for a tightening of your budget. Keeping a few classic pieces in your closet is an elegant move, and you will not go wrong. Think pure and simple. Add accessories to make them stylish, and your little black dress becomes chic and perfect.

A few of the tried and true classics that may make up any wardrobe includes,

1. The little Black Dress - High admire for this one that can go from the office to a cocktail party.

2. A three-Piece Suit - Make it a jacket, skirt and pants in a hard color.

3. A Navy Blazer -This makes an impression.

4. A long sleeve White Shirt with or without buttoned cuffs - very flexible.

5. An All-Weather Coat - Takes you from warm and luminous to cool and rainy days.

6. Jeans - Go for the classy, well fitting, and keep them fresh and pressed.

7. Formal Wear - Dramatic coordinates can be mixed and matched to make numerous different outfits.

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