Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Best styles for plus size evening gowns

Designers make dresses designed to cover up, however gowns should be for showing off a slight here and there are be a tiny flirty, even plus size gowns. The trick to finding a great evening dress that shows off a fuller figure is finding one that emphasizes curves and assets with concealing problem areas. It not about hiding your whole body--it's about highlighting and enhancing!

Here are some tips for figuring out what type of plus size gowns look good on your shape.

•    Are you on the short side, 5'3" or shorter? Two flattering dress styles are princess or A-line. To look slimmer and taller, avoid knit fabrics.

•    Are you taller, 5'10" or more? Avoid small prints. Avoid large details like bows or big collars. Wide necklines looking good.

•    Have an hourglass figure, heavy at the bottom, full bust and defined waist with the possible belly bulge or "love handles"? If comfortable, show off your cleavage with scoop or "V" necks. Wrap tops work very nicely for your bust and waist. If your legs are attractive, consider skirts that are cut straight.

•    Don't forget the little black dress. Any body type can look sexy in a fashionable simple black dress that ends an inch or so below the knee.

With the holidays approaching, you may soon be in need of an exciting look for those special events and parties. Not too long ago, the only evening dresses in plus size were a blousy, dowdy number. We can now celebrate that many options are available, and you can choose a sexy, stylish, or glamorous evening dresses in plus size.

As you decide your social calendar for the holiday season, you may find yourself in need of a flirty cocktail dresses, a ball-gown, or an elegant evening suit.

It is a challenge for a woman to find a perfect dress for any special occasions, and it becomes trickier if the woman is a plus-size. The options available for a woman who needs plus-size clothes may be limited. But there are ways to make that evening gown look beautiful on you by selecting a proper one that suits your figure. It all depends on the selection range you make based on the type of your body.

The princess dresses are flowing dresses starting from the top to bottom, as the vertical panes follow the usual shape of the body. This creates a fantasy of a long, lean look. It makes the hips look more rounded and disguise tummy. On the whole, it gives a smooth and graceful look.

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